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?help For People With Mismatched Feet

Millions of people with mismatched feet would love to have a shoe store in which they can buy mismatched shoes in their sizes. However, that is not practical with the traditional brick and mortar store unless the shoe store is willing to sell a single shoe from two different pairs. In the United States, Nordstrom department stores offer such an option, but it is limited to customers with feet at least two sizes different from each other.

Consider the magnitude of the problem of stocking mismatched shoes. Almost any shoe store carries at least ten brands of shoes from the more than one thousand. It is not uncommon for shoe manufacturers to have 100 or more styles each for men and women, and most of those styles come in at least two colors. Let us assume that the typical shoe store carries only an average of 10 styles for men and 10 styles for women for each brand, with every size from size 7 to 13 (13 different sizes) and each style in two different colors. That typical store would have 2600 different combinations of brand, style, color, and size for men and the same number of combinations for women without even considering different widths or children's shoes.

In truth, most large shoe stores carry far more than ten brands of shoes, and more than an average of ten styles per brand, so large shoe stores already have tens of thousands of combinations of brand, style, color, and size to keep up with. Stocking every possible combination of sizes for mismatched feet would multiply the combinations to be maintained by more than ten times. Even the largest online stores cannot possibly deal with such a massive required inventory of shoes.

What is impossible for the brick and mortar and online stores is possible by distributing an inventory of mismatched shoes through the millions of people who wear them. People who buy two pairs of shoes at a time due to mismatched feet end up with pairs of complementary mismatched shoes that are never worn. Some people throw them away, while some people put them away in their closets because they cannot stand to throw out perfectly good shoes.

What if a person who needs a particular combination of sizes of shoes were able to find others who have Tas Online Shop his sizes stored in their closets as a result of wearing complementary sizes? A system for just that purpose is already in place and is free to anyone to use.

OddShoeFinder.com allows users to post mismatched pairs and single shoes to swap with or sell to other site users. Unlike traditional programs that try to pair up people with complementary shoe sizes, users of OddShoeFinder.com are not at the mercy of the buying habits of their partners. Instead, they can find shoes in their sizes posted by many different people with a variety of shoe needs and preferences.

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